Mar 19, 2018
Robert "Bob" Freehan, St. Clair Historical Museum
"Bringing the historic Belle Reve Treasure Home"

The title is "Bringing the historic Belle Reve Treasure Home".  It's a fundraising and construction project by the St. Clair Museum to create an appropriate display room for the exquisite hand-carved English oak paneling, purchased in England in 1910 by George G. Moore for Belle Reve (Beautiful Dream), his mansion on N. Riverside.  

Bob Freehan is chairman of the St. Clair Historical Commission which operates the St. Clair Museum.  He's been a member of the organization for over 11 years, joining as a volunteer shortly after moving to East China with his wife Joan in 2003.  He is also a member of the St. Clair Historic District Commission which is involved with overseeing historic preservation of the St. Clair Inn.