Mar 01, 2021
Former Rotary President 2009/2010, David Gillis
St. Clair Police Foundation

Davis Gillis 2009-2010 St. Clair Rotary President is our Speaker today, and introuduces the St. Clair Rotary to a new Foundation that he and other members of the Commuinity have put together to support our Local Police Department... heere are a few programs initiated to enhance our effectiveness (i.e., Chief Donald R. Barnum Memorial Scholarship, Community Police Week recognition, Police Memorial Day ceremony, observance of Law Enforcement Office Day of Prayer, and sponsorship of a combined Night Out Block Party and Safety Town Day event.  The latter is a partnership between the Police Department and the City Recreation Department.)  What remains to be done is our introduction to the community we are proud to be a part of.  

Please note Four of our 6-member board are or were Rotary members, 3 as president