The St. Clair Rotary Club is pleased to announce its selectees for this year's Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA): Gabrielle Posey, Mia VanKehrberg, Zakir Jahn and Deagan Scourtes!
RYLA, also known as the Rotary Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders, is a weekend-long seminar that includes presentations by engaging speakers, interactive group activities, and thoughtful discussions on topics such as career knowledge, international understanding, service opportunities, leadership, and team development. The Seminar is designed as a unique opportunity for future leaders to rub shoulders with others who will share the responsibility for making the world a better place in the next generation.
Selection looks for students who have demonstrated genuine leadership skills and who have been recognized in their schools and communities for their positive leadership abilities and history of involvement in school and extracurricular activities with the potential to be one of tomorrow's leaders in business, industry, education, science, community, or politics.
The RYLA seminar will be held at Ontario Hall on the campus of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.