Speaker Date Topic
"Retired" 25th District St. Senator Phil Pavlov Jan 21, 2019
Looking back at 15 years in Public Service for St. Clair County

Our just retired State Senator from the 25th District Phil Pavlov will be here to review with us his 15 years in Public Service for St. Clair County and what the future holds for him...

Dan and Ed Cass, Co-Owners SMART SHELF Jan 28, 2019
St. Clair based Startup that designs, builds and sells novel shelf platforms
“Smart Solutions to Simplify Your Life”
The Smart Shelf concept was invented from a terrible experience that happened not once, but twice… With no nightstand in his modest sized room, Dan used to place his glass of water on the window sill with his phone plugged in on the floor. One night he reached for a glass of water to quench his thirst and accidentally spilled it on the floor, damaging his cell phone. That’s when he decided to get a nightstand… the second time it happened, he reached for a glass of water in the middle of the night -- it spilled and damaged his cell phone along with the items and finish on his nightstand. Each incident was a costly disaster. Out of frustration and the need to correct the problem, an idea was born. Collaborating with brother Ed, the ideas began to flow; and the concept of a “smart shelf” was born and perfected. Once shared with family and friends, we knew we had a novel idea.
Marc Bruchu, County Parks Administrator Feb 04, 2019
The State of St. Clair County Parks, and what the future holds

In early 2017, the Parks and Recreation Commission completed the St. Clair County Recreation Master Plan.

The Master Plan outlines the program goals that the Parks and Recreation Commission will pursue during the next five years and lists the strategies that the Commission will use to achieve those goals.

James Domagalski, Michigan "Master Farmer" Feb 11, 2019
2018 Michigan Farmer's " Master Farmer" from Columbus Township talks Farming in 2019

Each year for the past 14 years . Michigan Farmer has bestowed the prestigious "MASTER FARMER"  award on individuals who have demonstrated how to farm more effectively, efficiently,, environmentally  consciously and economically... Jim Domagalski of Columbus Township is one of this years Winners.....

Steve Repergel, Corporate Relations Officer Apr 22, 2019
Ontario Power Generation, Niagara Falls

Lampton Power Plant across the St. Clair River from East China Township, is coming down soon, Steve will give us an update on the Ontario Power Genereation plans for the demoltion, and future plans for the property......Bring you East China Friends and Neighbors.....